Nina Code, Strategic CLoud

Infrastructure, Web Development and Design, SEO & SEM

We migrate to the Cloud, reach more customers, we position you where you should be. Let professionals manage the digital world of your business.


What do we do and why choose us?

At Nina Code we focus on cloud services, but we do not limit ourselves to any type of project.

We focus on cloud services and digital marketing where we create strategies to position your company and brand through digital media, in a new world where the new era of globalization advances at immeasurable speed, it is necessary to have a team that Be ready to take your business to the forefront in social networks and new information technologies.

Now with the revolution of Web 2.0 users can freely talk about brands and it is necessary to take advantage of it.

We take you hand in hand with the security and confidence that is backed by a group of professionals who love and enjoy what they do.

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Change all your infrastructure to the cloud, we can help you


It is not enough just to look nice, it must also be functional


We care about the how? You? ... of the vision of your brand

Social Networks

Let professionals place quality content

Our benefits

In Nina Code you not only get a "web page", you get a virtual office
  • 01

    Monthly payments

  • 02

    Responsive designs

  • 03

    Optimized for SEO

  • 04

    Dedicated IP

  • 05

    256-bit SSL Certificates

  • 06

    Google Analytics


Our team

The Nina Code team works on what each member likes best, either full time or as a freelancer, all the effort and dedication of the work is reflected in the final quality results.

Ivette Gutiérrez
Ivette Gutiérrez
  • Directora de redacción
  • Operaciones de windows
Germán González
Germán González
  • Director de desarrollo
  • Infraestructura en AWS
Ismael Ochoa
Ismael Ochoa
  • Director de redes sociales
  • Infraestructura en AWS
  • SEO
  • SEM
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez
  • Redes
  • Nube Privada Virtual
  • Red Privada Virtual
Hector González
Hector González
  • Desarrollador
  • APIs
  • Front-end
JAPRY Visual Studio
JAPRY Visual Studio
  • Identidad corporativa
  • Branding
  • Diseño gráfico
  • Fotografía
Nina 'The Dog'
Nina "The Dog"
  • Gerente de relaciones
Olivia 'The Dog'
Olivia "The Dog"
  • Gerente de seguridad

Learn more

Watch the following video to learn more about what Nina Code can offer.

Decide now, your company, business or brand deserve to be as high as your goals.